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We have opened 215 stores in 103 cities and aim to double the CIS count by 2020: Eddie Udagawa

In an exclusive conversation with Eddie Udagawa, Vice President of Consumer Imaging and Information Center, Canon India highlights the growing market of digital imagining.

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BY Shipra Srivastava  |  February 16, 2017  |  comments ( 0 )  | 

Eddie Udagawa

Highlight the digital imagining( photography) market size in India? Also, highlight the market share of Canon in overall market?

The culture of photography has steadily evolved in India in recent times with more consumers buying DSLRs and similar advanced cameras. There is a large amount of disposable income that people have and they now look to spend on interests such as photography.

India is a vast market and there is no predictability. We have diversified consumer trends in different regions. We see so many interesting things about Indian market so it is very hard to put one general umbrella statement for this market. Indian market is set to grow very fast with the increasing awareness of the consumers.

Canon India has recorded a tremendous growth in sales revenue, allowing us to take a lead in terms of DSLR camera market share. The camera division witnessed 12% growth in 2016 over 2015.Boththe entry-segment and professional segment of DSLR cameras remains the most popularwitha lot of first-time buyers entering the market.

The escalating photography interest in the Indian market offers a great potential and we endeavour to capture more than 50% market share in DSLR by end of 2017.

Kindly highlight how Canon Image Square (CIS) store are different from other retail chain?

Canon Image Square stores are exclusive stores offering one-stop imaging solutions to the photography enthusiasts. With the exclusive Canon Image Square stores (CIS), we provide a complete imaging and printing experience to the users before they buy the product. It is an experience store where customers can have complete hands on experience of the products, they can see the entire range of our products and try them personally along with different lenses, accessories and printing services.

We provide efficiently trained staffs who assists customers in selecting the right product according to their need. CIS store help realize Canon’s vision to not only acquaint with our customers with different new products but also engage them through an interactive and informative buying experience.

It provides free trainings and workshops to help customers make informed purchases. Among other highlights, CIS stores provide easy finance facilities such as EMI through various credit cards and paper finance through Bajaj Finance. 

Throw light upon the SKUs (Stock Keeping Units) and product range introduced to CIS stores? Also, mention the total footprint of CIS stores?

CIS stores provides a complete range of cameras, right from professional to entry level DSLR’s and attractive new compact cameras in PowerShot (Zoom series camera) and IXUS (entry level pocket size camera) range.

Apart from Cameras, Canon offers an extended product portfolio which include range of Inkjet/Laser printers, Selphy printers, camera lenses, professional video cameras and exclusive red line bags. Apart from the various products, it offers accessories like tripods, cartridges, memory cards, chargers, card readers etc. catering to the multiple market segments of consumer.

We also provide exclusive products only for CIS stores. Currently we have three exclusive products- EOS 5D Mark III, red line bags and Pixma G 2002.

Canon India is strengthening its retail footprint year on year by penetrating more to tier 2, tier 3 and tier 4 cities. We have already opened 215 CIS stores across 103 cities.

What is your target for CIS concept stores?

Canon endeavors to fortify its retail presence and strengthen the relationship with photography enthusiast across the country. The Canon Image Square is Canon’s commitment to boost the photography culture in India. The growing CIS stores across the country contribute profoundly to Canon’s vision in India. We have opened 215 stores in 103 cities and aim to double the CIS count by 2020.

Who do you see as your competition in this space?

We do not see a direct competition in this space as our CIS stores are the only store which provides a complete imaging and printing experience to customers. CIS store offering are not only restricted to products but provides an experiential purchase to the customers.

What specifications have been made for better customer experience in your CIS stores? Also, talk about the technologies that have been installed to your physical stores?

With CIS stores, photography enthusiasts have an exclusive outlet for all-inclusive imaging solutions. The staffs at the store are professionally trained and are efficient in assisting customers in selecting products in accordance to their specifications and requirement.

Various innovative sales and marketing tools likelive demo of the products, touch and feel experience, trainings and workshops has helped our customers to make informed purchases and help us in gaining more market share in India. The comprehensive range of products and services on offer has allowed us to strengthen our relationship across India.  

How is Canon Image Square different from online platform?

Canon’s CIS store focuses on letting the user experience a camera in person, refer Canon’s executives and make the best choice as per their requirements. This gives crucial advantages over online marketplaces, and Canon acknowledges how Indian camera buyers are now more advanced as per specific needs and knowledge of photography. It is this that makes Canon Image Square stores important to the company’s wide presence in multiple cities across India.

We are looking at both offline and online channels as this is the current demand of the market. At Canon, our focus is to promote photography which leads to dedicated concentration on personalized and experiential customer interface.

At last, kindly mention your growth plans?

The Indian imaging market is growing and evolving at a steady pace witnessing growing interest in higher functionality compact and digital SLR cameras. We continue to reach out to Tier II, Tier III and Tier IV cities in the country to engage with consumers, as we believe in promoting the art of photography and the power it entails. We conduct various workshops and training modules, promote photo tours and so on which keep happening all over the country.

Recently, Canon reinforced its investment in retail expansion with the opening of its 215 Canon Image Square (CIS) store taking Canon’s retail presence to 103 cities across the country. We aim to double the CIS count by 2020.

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