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Dabur aims to expand global reach with Amazon

Gopal Pillai, Director and GM, Seller Services, Amazon India and Krishan Kumar Chutani, Executive Director- Consumer Care Business, Dabur India Ltd spoke to exclusively about Amazon Dabur Collaboration

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BY Shipra Srivastava  |  October 07, 2017  |  comments ( 0 )  | 

Gopal Pillai, Director and GM, Seller Services, Amazon India and Krishan Kumar Chutani, Executive Director- Consumer Care Business, Dabur India

Health supplements and personal care company Dabur India Ltd will start selling its products in the US, Canada and Mexico on Amazon’s global marketplace this quarter. Present at the event Gopal Pillai, Director and GM, Seller Services, Amazon India and Krishan Kumar Chutani, Executive Director- Consumer Care Business, Dabur India Ltd spoke to exclusively.

Why the brand choose to go on market place now? Indian market place has already become crowded. Don’t you think so that the brand should opt this strategy earlier?

Krishan Kumar Chutani: No..i think so.. We were already available in India via market places. With Amazon collaboration, we are looking to tap international market.

Dabur is already available in US market. So what you aim to achieve from this collaboration?

Krishan Kumar Chutani: Yes we have distribution in other countries as well. In fact, 30% revenue of revenue comes from international markets only. But with Amazon, we have introduced much wider range the local distributors will have more options to retail. In addition, Amazon has very strong number of Prime members in US. Such feature will certainly help us in accelerating the distribution. Also, this collaboration will help us in reaching the areas where traditional distribution is not sufficient or not avaliable.

Would the product range will be similar to domestic market?

Krishan Kumar Chutani: We have started in America, Canada and Mexico. Some products will be exclusive to certain markets.

Do you think Patanjali as your competitor especially in ayurveda segment?

Krishan Kumar Chutani: Patanjali has done remarkable job as far as indigenous products are concerned. In fact, they are the market aggregators as far as ‘Swadesi Ayurveda’ is concerned. But, despite the stiff competition Dabur has a very strong market positioning in Auyurvedic medicines.    

What kind of demand is expected from Dabur range? Also what kind of traction the brand is getting in Indian market? And, how many products are introduced so far?

Gopal Pillai: 26,00o Indian sellers selling globally. We expect to generate huge demand in international market. In fact, last Diwali we had shipped about one million products from India. We are already started getting huge traction for Dabur products in India. In fact, within 20-25 days we are already seeing some products such as Vatika oil are becoming best sellers. We are very happy with the progress that we are witnessing. We have launched 30 products for now and plan to introduce 80 more in the time to come

Don’t you such collaboration can create friction with other direct selling companies which are available on Amazon?

Gopal Pillai: I don’t think so! Amazon is an open market place. It’s open to all.

Over the years sellers have raise concerns for regulators e-commerce. What are your views on same?

Gopal Pillai: Amazon has been known for open marketplace and its ability to help sellers to succeed. We sincerely take care their needs whether India or US. Whether there is a body or not we are already complaisant.

So how you pick up such collaboration? Let’s say in case of Dabur who approached whom?

Gopal Pillai: I really cannot comment that, but we are very privileged to have Dabur on-board. This collaboration is the win-win situation for both of us.

Dabur is already a house hold name in India. How you plan to market the brand in other markets?

Gopal Pillai: The product talks itself all Dabur products have very good reviews. Although, we are already promoting the range on Amazon/Diwali Bazaar where we are offering many deals and offers.

So with big festivity round the corner anything special going on for sellers?

Gopal Pillai: A lot of things going-on, in fact, we have announced multiple competitions going on which are influencing the sellers to promote the product. is already reaching millions of customers which in turns helps the sellers in many ways.

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