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What are major challenges in skill training in retail?

Online players like a Xiaomi or Myntra or a First Cry, all opening up brick and motor stores is a sign of retail growth. Therefore, there is a huge opportunity for manpower and training organizations to latch on to this opportunity.

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How Snapdeal and Flipkart acquisition makes sense for Indian companies?

Snapdeal’s Acquisition by Flipkart & The e-Commerce Warfare in India - A Perspective

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Top disruptive malls transforming retail!

Let us quickly look at the top five malls in India and identify the shared traits which make them stand out in the crowd.

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Big Insight, not Big data-rise of the Insight driven business!

Worldwide, the retail grocery sector has become a battleground, with even non-grocery players ( and to name a few) in the fray, wanting a part of the food dollar.

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How mobile apps have changed the customer-brands relationship

The Indian retail market has evolved rapidly over the last two decades. It continues to change rapidly, and with mobile-apps based models, brands are closer than ever to their customers.

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Alarms ringing for Flipkart as two more senior executives hit the exit door

This can prove a big setback to the company with its competitors such as Amazon and Snapdeal ramping up their operations for the upcoming festive season.

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Why encouraging participation of women in food & grocery retail is a good idea?

More than 75 per cent of the shoppers in most such stores happen to be women on a consistent and ongoing basis. They come in, browse, engage, make their choices and then take the final call based on their past experience.

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5 tested ways to enhance customer experience in retail stores

It is typically important to now define the process of how one can take the whole retail journey to a new level when it comes to understanding the needs of your customer.

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Personalisation: eCommerce Industry’s Very Own Secret Sauce

Personalisation in eCommerce will play a pivotal role in deciding which players will survive to achieve long term profitability.

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An e-invoicing app: Need of Indian SMEs to avoid capital mismanagement

Entrepreneurs need to keep a tab on everyday deals, they require a management information system report to track all transactions.

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Why retail analytics is so important today?

Retail analytics has become paramount for success of brick-and-mortar stores and is helping retailers notch up the positive impact of their consumer engagement activities.

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4 factors that impeded Micromax kingdom

Several Chinese phone companies have once again bounced back and Micromax along with other Indian smartphone makers are supposed to see a hard-hitting melee in the coming time.

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Union Budget 2016: Focus should be implementation

The definition of a start-up should be from date of commencement of business and not from date of incorporation of company, says Neeraj Mittal, JMD, Bonita India

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Millions of dollars spent across enterprises for developing applications

Every person has something unique about the way they go about their work. These styles evolve over a period of time with people picking up practices from experience, co-workers or bosses.

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Success secrets for sellers on Flipkart, Snapdeal and Amazon

E-commerce marketplaces in India have seen tremendous growth in the past three years. This has been fueled by 50,000 to 1 Lakh sellers that have been on-boarded by these e-tail giants.

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