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The section takes up the issues on policies by the government and trade bodies. The coverage here transforms a plain news piece to something alike a feature with experts’ views and opinions.

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GST, a comprehensive indirect tax system, is a few months away from rollout. Businesses need to understand the implications of GST on various day to day operations. Working capital is the lifeline of a business to carry out day-to-day operations. Managing working capital efficiently is a problem that plagues both small and large

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Retail sector has always been one of the biggest sectors thriving on the huge consumption base in India.This sector is a major contributor to India GDP and still has a big scope for expansion considering the untapped market base which makes this sector an enticing opportunity for investment. The changing landscape i.e. from brick and

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Indirect taxes, as with any other industry, play a pivotal role as a catalyst in the growth of the mobile handset industry. Current regime the Indian mobile manufacturing players are reeling under cost pressures and low margins especially with Chinese players providing stiff competition. At present, majority of the mobile handset

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Indian eCommerce today is surely at its unprecedented best and with government’s sheer focus on this digital format of retailing, the future of the industry look quite bright. Currently India stands as one of the leading eCommerce destinations across the globe. An industry that was earlier restricted to particular segments and

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With a comprehensible rollout of policies such as foreign direct investment (FDI) and goods and services tax (GST), Indian retail ecosystem (both online and offline) look far more strengthened and organised. The newly passed GST bill is expected to be a key in unlocking various issues faced by eRetailers today. No doubt the eCommerce

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The Model Shops and Establishments (Regulation of Employment and Conditions of Service) Bill has been recently approved by the cabinet for promoting job opportunities in the Information Technology and Retail sector of India by enabling round-the-clock service. Besides accelerating economic growth, the Bill aims to provide greater

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After the Indian government rolled out 100 per cent foreign investment in food retail, many companies have vouched for extending the norm to non-food item as well. The recent to join the support is Walmart India, in his recent interaction with media, Krish Iyer, CEO, Walmart India stated that Walmart is still evaluating India's

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Finally, all the speculations about GST (Goods and Services Tax) are over, after President, Pranab Mukherjee signing the bill to become a law. After getting ratified from 16 states, the bill had gone to the President for his approval. Now, the government has ramped up its operations to implement it in the country’s tax

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Clearing the air about introducing Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in multi-brand retail, the government had said a big no for the option. Revealing further, the government stated that the country is not ready to welcome the new move. Since country’s small traders and farmers are not that strong to face the hard-hitting market

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About a decade ago, brick and mortar stores were synonymous with retail sales in India. But over the past decade, retail sales in India have been reorganised in the advent of e-retail. The e-tail form of retailing is expected to be at par with the brick and mortar stores in the next five years. India’s business to business (B2B)

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Government of India is now planning to further back the ecommerce sector of the country. In its recent move, the Centre is looking forward to liberalize its current ecommerce policy to further lift the sector. The move certainly suggests that the government wants to give a second thought on online marketplace rules that were issued in

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So, finally after a halt of 10 long years, the Goods & Services Tax (GST) has been implemented paving huge relief for sectors such as retail, FMCG, Real Estate and others. Touted as a bill with a concept of ‘one nation one tax’, GST proposal was supported by all parties except AIADMK which staged a walkout on the plea

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After days of discussion, finally Government of India has given its nod to Adidas to bring in Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in retail. The company doesn’t need to set a separate retail company for that and in fact, it can carry its business through its present business entity. Now, since the company has been given a backing

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In its recent development, Lenovo-Motorola combine opted for single-brands retail license to spread their wings in the country. Lenovo, whose sales crossed one billion mark in 2015-16, has decided to take full advantage of recently amended FDI (Foreign Direct Investment) norms by opening company-owned showrooms across the length and

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Tamil Nadu Chamber of Commerce and Industry (TNCCI) strongly opposed the idea of 24X7 shops policy as the trade body feels that  it will take business of small retailer for a big toss. TNCCI stated in a statement that Permitting 24x7 operations of shops, malls and other work places would wipe out traditional retail traders and

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