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Retail business has multi-faculties to operate. In this section three primary areas have been picked up that covers back-end operations, front-end operations and preemptive measures for shrinkage.

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Business dynamics operate on ‘Visibility’. It is the big key to create and reach the desired audience. Whatever you see, is generally what you buy. Visibility often triggers sales.

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  Global loyalty marketing agency ICLP (A Collinson Group Company) has revealed a research showing where different retail sectors are performing most strongly in building loyalty with

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The understanding & connect of shopper – retailer was largely local. With growing infrastructures & modern retail, shopping has changed its paradigm & entered into competitive

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Indian e-commerce has experienced some major changes, yet there is surety of better advancement for its future in it. It seems to be completely clear that the reasonable focus on contribution

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India from a western perception has been a land of diversity and large population. You often hear that India needs to be treated more like Europe than a single country. I often see startups

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One of the oldest industries in the world - the textile industry-  is a vibrant business hub whose history can be traced going back by many decades. Textiles and clothing trade is a vital part

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The Goods and Services Tax (GST) is likely to be legislated in 2017. Over the years, the GST has faced innumerable challenges due to issues regarding its structure, tax bracket and subventions for

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Like many reading this, I’m always intrigued by the small business owners I meet across the world, many running generations-old boutiques selling one-of-a-kind treasures. These shop owners,

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Support services have become a major part in a mall’s image, and play a vital role in attracting footfalls. In India, facilities such as parking, security and housekeeping have evolved over

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The remarkable growth of organized retail in the last decade is one of the significant transformations witnessed in India. As the retail sector is undergoing rapid evolution, so does the

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Packaging is an ever-growing industry which goes hand-in-hand with the retail brands. As long as the products are being sold in the market, packaging industry would be high in demand. As another

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Companies don’t decide how customer centric they are, they cannot rate themselves on this. In today’s age of the customer, it’s your wife or my daughter who decides how customer

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Customer Relationship Management (CRM) has changed throughout its transformation from being a mere framework to becoming a core business function. The need to know and profitably manage customers

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Current demonetisation has resulted not only in a contraction of liquidity, but also in certain sectors, a contraction of income and an increase in the statutory cost of doing business (both for

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The Indian Retail Industry has undergone a paradigm shift from a product-oriented industry to a more marketing focused industry with the ‘customer’ taking center stage. The customer

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