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Marketing is the indispensible vehicle for promoting the brand, increase brand visibility and enhancing brand recall. To survive in this cut throat competition, retailers are implementing various marketing strategies. This section deals with such topics.

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Retail business is no more limited to opening and running stores, businessmen have come up with various modes of interacting with other companies and reaching out to the customer base. The Indian retail industry accounts for over 10 per cent of the country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and around 8 per cent of the

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Personalisation has always been important in retail.Today personalization remains as important as ever, but the way it’s delivered is constantly evolving. Customers now have the option to browse their favourite stores online, at their convenience, across multiple devices, instead of taking a trip to their nearest high-street.

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Not only India, worldwide, the traditional retail has been hit by mammoth growth of e-commerce. Over the years the retailers have set the way about how consumers shop from their retail shops. However, now the there is a tremendous shift from the traditional approach due to transformation brought in by smartphones, arise of social media

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How the product is displayed to customers either in online channel or offline makes a lot of difference. Merchandise assortment planning should be done in the way that every SKU is placed in the effective locations in order to maximize sales and margins, while avoiding potential stockouts or over stock situations. Moreover, online

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PAYBACK, India’s largest multi-brand loyalty program announced its partnership with Archies, the all-time popular gifting brand in the country to expand its offerings into gifting category. This association will help Archies customers to earn and redeem PAYBACK points at more than 225 Archies owned stores. Archies

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‘Arvind Brands’ partners with Bangalore based Sales Tech Start-up ‘Applicate’ to empower its sales team with the next generation sales-tech. This partnership for US Polo, Hanse, Arrow and other brands of Arvind, consolidates Applicate’s presence in Fashion and Life Style industry where it is already

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Business dynamics operate on ‘Visibility’. It is the big key to create and reach the desired audience. Whatever you see, is generally what you buy. Visibility often triggers sales.  Lack of visibility, despite of a good product or service, might lead to a slump situation. If the audience is not aware about the presence

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  Global loyalty marketing agency ICLP (A Collinson Group Company) has revealed a research showing where different retail sectors are performing most strongly in building loyalty with their customers. While online retailers including Amazon and Flipkart were shown to be performing best in customer recognition and

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The understanding & connect of shopper – retailer was largely local. With growing infrastructures & modern retail, shopping has changed its paradigm & entered into competitive landscape. Loyalty is now challenged as price transparency & product portfolio is offered by e-commerce players in much more easier

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India from a western perception has been a land of diversity and large population. You often hear that India needs to be treated more like Europe than a single country. I often see startups setting up shop based on a business idea involving technology and then shutting it down. Most had this ambition of building a product that

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One of the oldest industries in the world - the textile industry-  is a vibrant business hub whose history can be traced going back by many decades. Textiles and clothing trade is a vital part of the world economy with many nations heavily dependent on the sector for foreign exchange earnings and employment generation, as it also

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Like many reading this, I’m always intrigued by the small business owners I meet across the world, many running generations-old boutiques selling one-of-a-kind treasures. These shop owners, with their warm welcomes and time-honoredcraftsmanship, can quickly endear themselves to even the most casual shopper. A storefront with a

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Support services have become a major part in a mall’s image, and play a vital role in attracting footfalls. In India, facilities such as parking, security and housekeeping have evolved over the years to provide world-class services to mall customers. In fact, it can be said that support services are the backbone for any shopping

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The remarkable growth of organized retail in the last decade is one of the significant transformations witnessed in India. As the retail sector is undergoing rapid evolution, so does the requirement for new products, services and superlative shopping malls. Accordingly, retail real estate developments have to keep pace with the

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Packaging is an ever-growing industry which goes hand-in-hand with the retail brands. As long as the products are being sold in the market, packaging industry would be high in demand. As another year begins, the packaging space has grown in terms of innovation and cost-effectiveness. The consumers are moving rigorously towards

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