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Luxury is the new-found love of the retail sector. The aspirational, cash-rich consumers are the target, and the sector is growing at a rapid pace with international luxury brands setting up their stores. It's a happening sector with a lot more to offer.

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India has overtaken most countries and is now second to the States when it comes to Luxury Retail segment. The luxury market in India is at a boom and is growing at a fast pace. The spending capacity of people in India has grown at a tremendous rate. Despite the fact that online shopping has become incredibly popular amongst people

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When it comes to luxurious movie-watching experience, no group does it better than PVR Director’s Cut. From a top-notch luxury auditorium, soothing recliners, sound quality, wonderful lightings, on-call concierge services, to gourmet in-auditorium food options including the likes of exquisite sushi spreads and premium popcorns,

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When it comes to footwear, being industry specific is not what occurs to consumers at the first go. Yet, the facts underlying the functioning of this essential part when it comes to fashion, is as much market centric as any other branch of business.  So some of the young entrepreneurs talk about the footwear industry and

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Fashion is not constricted by size, gender, skin tone and definitely not by age. There lies no reason to think that our tiny toddlers or our teen battalion has any less inclination to walk in their parents’ footsteps and carry out that Armani or Gucci. Hence the fashion industry has come up with a separate target customer base in

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Crafting iconic products, combined with an elaborate marketing campaign, produce an aura of exclusivity that is designed to sell luxury fashion to the aspirational luxury fashion consumer; Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Prada and Fendi haven’t created their billion dollar businesses on a select few high net worth individuals. These

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In the last decade the Indian luxury market is in the spotlight with global luxury brands showing a growing presence. The current Indian luxury market which is valued at 18.5 Billion USD ( Source : ASSOCHAM) has right potential to reach more than 100 Billion USD in the next 7-8 years. India's growth in Ultra High net worth

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A lot has been said and researched on the Indian Luxury market and its potential for growth. Many international brands have ventured to tap this market opportunity which is projected to be growing at a CAGR of 20%. While most experts are still debating whether India is ready for luxury in true sense or does it have the potential to

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    Back in 2004, when the GMR Group was given the task of developing the Delhi airport, retailers   did not seem too enthused about the prospect of setting up shops in the airport premises and they had to be much coaxed and incentivised.  But things have now changed drastically. Travel retail is no longer

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Increase of disposable income From last decade, salon industry has registered growth because of the beauty services consumption. These days, consumers are becoming more aspiration driven which has led to evolution of concept of grooming and beauty for both the male and female segment in order to enhance their appearances. The

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India's jewellery market, estimated at $45 billion (or Rs 3 lakh crore), which is 85 per cent unorganised, may see a shift due to demonetisation and introduction of the goods and services tax (GST).  Due to the recent policy change by the government, there is a major pause in the sales of jewellery. Most of the jewelers have

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The Sports and Toys market in India is estimated to reach $15 billion by 2020, which currently stands at $5 billion, growing at a compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of 30-35 per cent. As the country is moving towards development and urbanisation, the demand for sports goods equipments is increasing. Factors such as budding

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Several companies in India launched electric two-wheelers a decade ago. With the rising fuel cost, increasing levels of pollution, higher running and maintenance cost of vehicle, the electric two-wheelers were expected to have a very bright future. But, the market did not take off after a promising start. What went wrong? The

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 As the wedding season gets under way, allied sectors including jewellery, ethnic wear, home furnishing and salon & spa, are gearing up to reap benefits of rising consumer spending. Here are the opportunities that will help the franchise sector to grow this wedding season. The wedding industry in India is estimated to be

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Owing an automobile dealership may sound as a fancy deal; however, there is a very articulated criterion that is required to get a hold of a dealership of an automobile brand. The sector offers a robust opportunity to create an empire that requires ample hard work with a dedication to making it big. If the Indian auto industry has

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The salons have introduced many new innovations for the new-age customer this wedding season. Let’s learn how they are cashing in on the existing opportunity. Planning a wedding requires many things; a major aspect of a wedding is the bridal makeup. Many salons and spas offer special packages for bridal parties that include

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