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Home sector includes home décor and home furnishings comprised of both soft furnishings and furniture. The sector is vibrant with many new players, including international players, making entry into the segment.

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The sanitary ware industry in India is experiencing a growth of 12-15% CAGR and it is being expected that by 2021, this growth will attain stability due to higher disposable income and changed preferences. Water closets have always been the higher stake holder in the market, followed by cisterns and basins. But this trend is expected

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Attractive Market     The built-in appliance industry size in organized sector in India is assumed to be almost 650 -700 Crores consisting of Chimneys, hobs, built-in ovens/micros/dishwashers etc. However, in Gas Cook tops the total industry size in organized sector is assumed to be about 1000 Crores

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A run of steps down to early 80’s & 90’s when interior decorators were not that much of a game for middle grade; my mom being one I have seen her mostly occupied with top restaurant business segment or the elite group. When a Porsche cayenne, a fine dining experience at a 5 star, a shopping trip to Dubai, a Tissot wrist

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Home décor and furnishing are elements within the Indian weddings industry. The shopping trend in this space is witnessing a shift from consumers investing only in furniture to growing interest in home decorative products including trendy lighting, bed linen and other accessories. For any product, more sales channels you have,

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No doubt India today stands as one of the most prominent countries with an exponentially high potential in online retailing. Betting on the aforementioned fact, every segment of retailing is trying their luck here. Some of them clicked while others are still struggling in order to find that breakeven. Amongst other verticals, furniture

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With the firm foot in the retail landscape, India offers a wide range of products such as furniture, rugs, floor coverings, furnishing fabrics, table covers and other home furnishing accessories to its consumers. Home furnishing market in India is touted to grow exponentially in the years to come. There are several opportunities

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Given the size and price-points of furniture, Indian consumer has been used to buying bigger items like furniture only from actual brick and mortar furniture stores. But with online stores barging into this industry, retail outlets have taken a back seat. Online shopping has not only provided us a seamless platform for shopping but

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In 2011, India witnessed a new entrant in the online space - Furniture. Traditionally a hard online sell, the segment surprised everyone by its rapid, fast-paced growth. Today the country’s $10 billion furniture market is serviced by both large and small online players who are invested in educating customers

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Bengaluru-based curated online furniture retailer, Urban Ladder, expects to get into profit as soon as its revenue reaches $200 million which the company foresees happening by the mid of 2016. "Once we get to a $150-200-million net revenue range by middle of next year, we will focus on getting our contribution margin to the 25%

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Bonita India, one of country’s home utility product makers has claimed a turnover of 100 crore by the end of 2017-18 fiscal as it has planned to expand its operations in the country and abroad. In the line of its plans to enter into new markets and add more products to its portfolio, the company is looking to raise 30 crore

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One of India’s manufacturing majors, Godrej & Boyce through its recently-launched lifestyle modular kitchen gallery brand, Cuisine Regale, eyes to capture a 20 per cent share of the premium kitchen market in India in the coming five years. "The growing upscale urban consumer has travelled across the world and seeks the

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One of world’s largest furniture retailer brand Ikea is planning to set up small store in India because of the high land prices and strict building and real estate rules in the country. In India, however, the company has approached real-estate developers to build stores spanning 1 lakh square feet to 2 lakh square feet.

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When we talk about online retail, everything sells. Early 2000's was said to be the phase of initial rise of the eCommerce space in India. Since then, many categories jumped into this market. Some came and went, while some still hold a stagnant position and some of them are still seeking a breakthrough. It all started with

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The Indian carpet industry during the post-independence era has witnessed an export-led growth. Besides, export prospects of carpets basically depend on overseas demand and domestic supply potential. Employing over 2 million weavers, it is an old and well established decentralised sector, employing over 2 million weavers. Despite

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 The Indian LED industry is likely to reach Rs 21,600 crore by 2020 following government’s decision to switch to LED for all street lamps and public space lighting, an industry official told PTI.    The Indian Led sector was estimated at Rs 1,925 crore out of the 13,000 crore lighting industry's

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