Top Retail Brands

An assessment of 29 companies that operate majorly in the offline format was carried out for the sixth year in a row by RAI and GPWI based on their working trends and working environment.

The company also plans to invest behind the newly launched consumer goods..
The company which has been started by three former top Flipkart employees,..

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Seamless Omnichannel Journey!
Sneak Peek on a technical approach by Omni-channel providers to seek easy payments and file tax compliance..
Is Conversational Commerce The Next Big
Technology has proved highly beneficial for the retail industry, may it be shopping apps, AI or even soon to be operational voice based personal assistance. Is this a beginning of a new chapter in the retail ecosystem? ..

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Discount let marketing!
Discount led marketing is here to stay in India. However, brands need to do lot..
Why Bridging Digital Divide Is Vital For
Today, it is very important for retailers to adapt to the digital route for..

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