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In today's retail, inside-store operations are greatly supported by technology. Billing, Customer Relationship Management, Digital Signage, VM and Store Designing are all coming under this section. The articles here take up these topics.

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Uniphore Software Systems, a Chennai-based speech recognition solutions company, has announced the availability of the next version of speech analytics solution, auMina.  auMina version 2.4 introduces first of its kind innovation of business packs, specifically designed to drive a set of business outcomes by providing

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Ever wondered how the latest 360 degrees advertisements were made? Fascinating as it may be, the advertisements on Facebook seem to have gotten a great response only due to the magical feel of the entire display and real life engaging experience of the video, as if you really are a part of the set. Well, Virtual Reality is the new cool

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As retail market becomes extensively competitive, the ability to optimize on serving business processes while satisfying customer expectations has never been more important. Therefore, managing and channelizing data to work towards customer delight as well as generate healthy profits is crucial to survive prosperously. In the case

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Building a brand is like rearing a child. From the time the seed of the idea is conceived to the time it is realised in physical form, a lot goes into nurturing the core foundation of this brand. Just like early childhood is the most influential phase of a child’s life, the initial stages of gathering data, fine-tuning the

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The retail industry has undergone a huge transformation in the last couple of years. We have all witnessed the evolution of retailing from small mom-n-pop stores to departmental stores to mega stores in malls. With the increasing globalisation of retailing, technology plays a significant role in not just the management of complex

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There is no overstating the fact that technology is playing an important part in all aspects of our daily lives. Shoppers’ adoption of the same through the internet and mobile apps has sky rocketed. No wonder then that in this scenario every retailer is trying to figure outhow to be present on tech-backed platforms to stay

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Is India moving towards being a cashless economy? Well, as per the current notion it looks like yes indeed. Increasing use of online payments, electronic cards and smartphones has clearly incepted a new trend in the retail space of the currently. Moving beyond the barriers of eCommerce, cashless transactions can now be seen in

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Globally, digital technology is at the helm of fast evolving customer approach towards the retail stores. In this age, where everything around us is moving online, it is becoming increasingly challenging to keep up with the newer and much evolved approach of customers towards retail stores. The customers are the new proprieters who

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Shoes and accessories retailer, M&B Footwear has chosen Openbravo Commerce Suite for its upcoming Lee Cooper Shoes EBOs (Exclusive Brand Outlet). The alliance came in wake of the former’s strategy to spur visibility across its distribution network spread across India comprising of more than 80 distributors.  The

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In-store analytics is the process of finding meaningful insights from customer behavioral data. In the hyper-competitive retail market, in-store analytics is gaining traction. And for obvious reasons: it helps retailers keep a close eye on their customers and provides valuable insights on store performance. Even better, all this data

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One of the most significant driving forces in marketing today is social media. No doubt, marketers and retailers are using various social media channels in full power to enhance their business and communicate with users directly. To ensure that the time spent by retailers on social networks is well worth it, the following tips can be

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Technology has ushered in an era of highly discerning customers with extremely exacting standards. It has made it possible for marketers to woo their target markets with innovative curations and increasingly personalised offerings. While placing a food order via an app, users get recommendations based on past behaviour and choices;

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During the second half of 2015, Collinson Group collaborated with Future Agenda, the open Foresight programme, to run 12 workshops in eight countries involving 110 industry leaders and loyalty experts to debate what the future of loyalty holds. In our work with Future Agenda we specifically questioned the role that big data would have

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Technology continues to evolve rapidly and new innovations come into play. Connected retail is a platform that provides integrated, digitally enhanced, in store experience that connects with and involves customers at the juncture of the virtual and physical world. It provides shoppers with a seamless journey to shop from digital to

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In order to track, measure and improve in-store customer experience, Central, the multi-brand fashion department store from Future Lifestyle Fashions Limited has signed up with Cloudcherry India. In this tie-up, Cloudcherry’s Customer Experience Feedback platform will be seen in 30 Central stores across the country in a

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