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In today's retail, inside-store operations are greatly supported by technology. Billing, Customer Relationship Management, Digital Signage, VM and Store Designing are all coming under this section. The articles here take up these topics.

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Technology has ushered in an era of highly discerning customers with extremely exacting standards. It has made it possible for marketers to woo their target markets with innovative curations and increasingly personalised offerings. While placing a food order via an app, users get recommendations based on past behaviour and choices;

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During the second half of 2015, Collinson Group collaborated with Future Agenda, the open Foresight programme, to run 12 workshops in eight countries involving 110 industry leaders and loyalty experts to debate what the future of loyalty holds. In our work with Future Agenda we specifically questioned the role that big data would have

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Technology continues to evolve rapidly and new innovations come into play. Connected retail is a platform that provides integrated, digitally enhanced, in store experience that connects with and involves customers at the juncture of the virtual and physical world. It provides shoppers with a seamless journey to shop from digital to

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In order to track, measure and improve in-store customer experience, Central, the multi-brand fashion department store from Future Lifestyle Fashions Limited has signed up with Cloudcherry India. In this tie-up, Cloudcherry’s Customer Experience Feedback platform will be seen in 30 Central stores across the country in a

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With numerous options being available to a consumer the concept of brand loyalty is becoming redundant. Access to information should be easy and the unavailability of the same should not be a reason for the particular work to stop. The speed of execution is what differentiates one business from another helping it retain and further

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Global 3D experience company, Dassault Systemes that forays into 3D design software, digital mock up and product life cycle management solutions has recently launched its new industry solution experience for consumer goods and retail named “My Retail Theatre”. Based on 3D experience platform, it provides consumer goods

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Everything matters to the customer today unlike the mass appeal approach of the 80’s and 90’s. Digitised customers demand more and so there is a constant need for channels to engage them in superior shopping experience. Now, it does not end at shopping. What if the customer is unhappy with the purchase? The returns

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In Retail, theft and intentional damage to merchandise is a common problem. Retailers have several loss-prevention solutions in place, but theft still occurs as shoplifters find new ways to steal a product or even part of a product. Monitoring systems at retail stores use traditional video surveillance where the person behind the

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Currently, Lenovo is among the top three players in the Indian PC market with a market share of 18.1 per cent. And it is aiming for a market share of over 20 per cent to become the leader in the Indian PC market by the end of the current fiscal.  “By the end of March, we expect that the market share would cross 20 per cent,

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According to a recent study by Oracle, mobile is the fastest growing method of shopping globally, with 67 per cent customers stating that they are using smartphones to enhance their shopping experiences. The study revealed that 84 per cent of connected audience in India is using their smart-phones for shopping. With those kinds of

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Urban Ladder has announced the launch of Urban Ladder App for the Apple Watch. It is the first Apple watch app to be launched by an Indian e-commerce company, and the first in the online decor segment globally.   The app can be synced with the iPhone app and users can browse through the weekly bestseller products, see the

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By: Mehul Agrawal, MD & Co-founder, Lakhs of customers, stupendous amount of traffic, information coming from sensors, cameras, microphones, devices, networks, log files, applications, web, and social media - the volume of data coming into an organisation is endless. What comes out of all this data? Insights? And

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By Gautam Mandewalker, CTO, BeaconStream Though 2014 witnessed the roller coaster ride of eCommerce players leaving retailers shaken, Indian retailers are optimistic to chase down the magic figure of $ one trillion. 2015 will witness brick-and-mortar model retailers adopting technology cousins to give a strong fight to the

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New Delhi: Retail solutions company ADI Retail Systems in association with Hyera Software & Advance Research (Italy) has launched the customer insight technology - buyer behavior analysis technology. Customer insight technology blends software and hardware to create in-house data for retail brands in order to understand

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New Delhi: Facing stiff competition from online counterparts, offline retailers have started engaging tech startups to launch retail offensive against their online peers, says an Economic Times report. According to the ET report, various startups have come to rescue brick-and-mortar retailers by providing data collection and

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