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The back-end technology involves technology for Supply Chain Management, including stocking, logistics, warehousing and sourcing; Enterprise Resource Planning, market research and many others. The articles will discuss the trends of these technologies, research and development, and the emergence of the new versions.

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As the dust settles down on demonetization it is pertinent to ask if the process of demonetization is really a game changer for digital payments. To get a sense of where we can go, we might want to have a quick look at what has happened in the past.  India is actually not new to 'cashless' economy. Both debit and

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Post demonetization, consumers are fast moving towards cashless transactions. For digital payments, customers look for faster, safer and seamless payment experience. To facilitate this experience for its customers, PVR Cinemas - India’s largest multiplex company has partnered with Pine Labs, India’s top payment solution

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There is no denying the supremacy of technology in the retail sale segment with both online and offline business scaling to new heights with it. While, appreciating or acknowledging the exciting opportunities ensued by major market changes and shifting landscapes could be difficult, retailers today are absorbed in harnessing the power

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HDFC RED, a digital marketplace for home buyers and developers, aims to bring back the importance of the lanes in our lives, through the medium of the lens. The Instagram campaign #LanesByLens was kick started by a photo walk on Saturday, the 10th of December. The companyaims to revive the love for the lost lanes in Mumbai through

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Indian retail real estate has undergone a tremendous metamorphosis since the advent of organised retail in the early '90s. Major transitions have happened in terms of design, size, provision of facilities, tenant mixes and business models. From the initial years of organised retail formats in India to the massive malls and their

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CAPDASE, known for delivering a wide range of innovative solutions and its partnerships with the world's leading smartphone companies, has inked a strategic partnership with YMS Mobitech Pvt. Ltd, one of India's largest app-based e-distribution ecosystem to spread its reach across YMS' network of 11,262 retailers and 361

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It has been observed that the retail industry is experiencing a significant paradigm shift driven by technological innovations. The increasingnumber of shopping channels providing insightful shopping experiences has profoundly impacted consumer behavior. The primary cause of this increase in the number of shopping channels is their

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In the era of hyper-connected consumers, retail mechanism requires immense persistence in order to provide a seamless and an unmatchable shopping experience across all those platforms where a customer is or can expected to be. With evolution in the retail from the traditional brick and mortar retailing to eCommerce and then

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Every new business trying to start and establish itself faces a lot of challenges since its inception. However, B2B Tech Startups face some specific challenges unlike other B2C companies. Though allure of launching a B2B tech startup is easy to understand, but some entrepreneurs fail to consider the unique risks they'll face being

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Recently the American computer security software company Intel Security has come up with a research report called ‘Blue Skies Ahead? The State of Cloud Adoption.’ It is a global report that highlights the need of technology service providers to help businesses, government and consumers understand the implications

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Every person has something unique about the way they go about their work. These styles evolve over a period of time with people picking up practices from experience, co-workers or bosses. Applications are built with the purpose of standardisation of practices for the benefit of the organisation which usually puts a cramp on individual

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According to a recent NASSCOM report, the Indian IT and BPM sector is estimated to have generated revenue of USD 150 billion in 2015, marking an increase of about USD 17 billion over the last year. Of this, the analytics market in India, according to NASSCOM is expected to be around US$2.3 billion by the end of 2017-18, up from

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Businesses today are persisting in a very competitive environment, where all players are bullishly working towards customer acquisition and retention, through unparalleled customer experience. Such customer experiences are being created by harnessing the power of technology and adopting customer oriented practices. Managing the overall

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Ganesh Subramanian, the former Chief Operating Officer at online fashion marketplace, Myntra, has now planned to come up with his own venture called Stylumia Intelligence Technology. This is a data-driven technology to analyse various fashion trends in the retail and eRetail space. Speaking about Stylumia, CEO, Subramanian said,

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Tech Mahindra’s mobility solution wing, Mahindra Comviva, has recently launched an Android app named Zerch. The app offers local deals and product discovery in Bangaluru and Delhi-NCR as off now. Zerch offers deals from nearby merchants in food and beverages, spas, salons and apparel, accessories, books, gifts and electronics

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